Garden Maintenance

We can take on a wide range of garden maintenance jobs for you.

This can include regular lawn mowing and weeding, pruning shrubs and border maintenance. Depending on what time of year it may be there are always jobs in the garden that can be done. We can also offer you planting ideas and inspiration depending on the season and your needs. We specialise in fruit tree pruning and can also cut back/remove trees if required by you.

We have customers who are landlords who have requested low-maintenance plants for their tenants. In contrast, some of our customers have asked for a variety of plants and flowers so that they can enjoy their garden. We can discuss various options with you and decide together how to maintain your garden. Some customers request an initial tidy and clear out so that they can maintain their garden thereafter, we are happy to do this for you. We can source you the plants that you require for your garden and we will come up with a garden plan tailored to suit your needs. 

We also own ride on lawn mowers for larger areas that need mowing for grass collection or mulching.

Lawn Maintenance

To achieve the perfect lawn really does take a lot of work and commitment. Regular mowing is a must to keep weeds suppressed and seasonal treatment to keep your lawn well fed and free of moss is also equally important. We can help you achieve the perfect lawn with expert advice and week to week maintenance. Lawns are probably one of the more satisfying parts of our job because we know how hard it can be to create and maintain a beautiful lawn. Let us help you.


Hedges are a great way to provide your garden with lots of colour and privacy. For hedges to look their best they need regular maintenance and we can provide this maintenance for you. With powerful petrol powered equipment with reach of up to 20 feet from ground level we can reach the tallest of hedges and where required we have large ladders which provide an even higher reach safely. 

White Rose Gardening Services has the benefit of 14 years’ gardening experience and plenty of enthusiasm to all things in the garden. Please contact us today for a no-obligation quote and discussion of your needs.

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